Sense and Sensibility – Making Sense of Domestic Abuse.


Team CBC is on a roll. We had the pleasure of hosting Sujata Rajpal at Odyssey Adayar. She participated in a discussion with novelist Sharada Subramanian on domestic abuse. The event was well attended (we would still like more CBC-ians in Chennai to show up, please!)


The evening started well, with Bragadeesh introducing Sujata and Sharada to the audience and then Sharada enthralled the crowd with her questions to Sujata about her book “The Other end of TheĀ Corridor“. Sujata read out passages from her book and also spoke about the effort she put into the book and how domestic abuse is an open secret that many are unwilling to speak about.


Odyssey store offered a great platform with cookies and coffee and many evening shoppers walked up to the first floor to view the discussion that was happening. Pertinent queries like -“Who is responsible for abuse?” “How does one walk out of an abusive relationship?” “How do we prevent this?” were thrown about! Sharada spoke about her personal struggles and Sujata acknowledged the fact that she is a living example of someone who broke all stereotypes. Discussion on a firm that would support victims of abuse was the highlight of the evening!


Some members bought copies of the book from Sujata and she promised to be back in Chennai once her next novel was ready and published! Team CBC would like to thank Sharada, Ashwin from Odyssey who helped us conduct the event and all Odyssey staff-members who supported us to conduct the event without any problem.

Are you a novelist looking to launch or promote your book in Chennai? Get in touch with us and we will promise you a special and unforgettable event!

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