Picks of the week 30/07/2017 to 05/08/2017

The picks of the week is done by Gopalakrishnan Krishnasamy who blogs at satirestall and movieherald

Trip to remember 

Gokoulane’s travel series on Trekking Sar Pass is intriguing and gives you an experience to savour.

Of Opinions & Indecisions, Fictions & Fables

Madhvi Kumar’s post on opinions, indecisions, fiction and fable is a must read. In a path to become indifferent to the external influenced, this gives you a great insight.


Samyukta Jayaprakash’s poem is deep and gives us a slice of the ugly reality. Anyone who has known Colleen Stan can totally understand the depth of this poem.


Everyone is a superstar in their own way and each has their own struggle. Shri Abirami’s poem Corona beautifully says the transitioning struggle of a superstar.

The Blue Fountain Pen – My Treasured possession

Shree Janani Sundararajan’s post on Fountain pen brings you back the memories of using a fountain pen, the smooth flow of words gliding in the papers and truckload of Nostalgia.

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