Picks of the week 27/08/2017 to 2/09/2017

This weeks picks are by Pratip who blogs at Realities around us

Yours Anonymously by Gokoulane

When Sarahah meets blog. This man replied to the comments/feedback received through Sarahah in a style. It is both heartwarming and funny to read.

Push vs Pull by Prason

Our everyday trouble of differentiating between Push Vs Pull. This blog puts it in a funnier way How we decode it every time. I could very well resonate because I face the same trauma every time.

My Breakup Story by Bhavia

Something everyone should let go of at a certain point in our life. This blog post has a great twist in the end and the post was articulated in a great fashion.

Best Kalakki in Chennai by Karthik Pasupathy

Our Biriyani man struck a chord with my finding a best Kalakki in town. Even If you, don’t like Kalakki do read this post especially the part “How to eat kalakki?”

Wayanad Watertrails by Shrinidhi

Wayanad and its greenery with Breathtaking Pictures. A great review with detailed Itinerary.

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