Picks of the week 27/06/2017 to 03/07/2017

This week’s picks are by Karthik who blogs at bottle mind.

Fatherhood of guilt : as I gear up myself for the big marriage, the guilt is something that I’ve always contemplated. What if I end up being that kind of a dad who never has time for the family. The post was a wake up call and a gentle reminder. Loved it.

Rape culture : hard hitting uncomfortable cringe read but gives us a rude jolt to wake up from our inertia

What makes human human : a simple point made effectively citing the author’s own experience and eventual realization of sorts. I enjoyed the read and peek into understanding what it means to be human.

10 reasons why I did not finish your book : funny narration of a passionate reader which conveys a story about how a story impacts our lives. Our guilt over not completing a book and our misery when we are stuck with it.

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