Picks of the Week 23/09/2016 to 30/09/2016

This week’s picks were chosen by Poornima Baskar. Read on…

Confidence with a bodycon dress by Neena Kumar

How often have you struggled with finding a dress that clings without making you feel uncomfortable? Wouldn’t it be nice, for once, to flaunt those curves without worrying about the flags? Read on to know how!

When a love dies… by Karthik

Heartbreak is one of the most difficult experiences we go through and we almost always find ourselves lost in emotions. Karthik walks us through those moments as he brings clarity to what happens “When A Love Dies.”

Turned 40 – Think 40 by Umashree

Looking through life, we imagine all the big things. The great achievements that matter. Uma sheds light on the smaller moments instead. Favourite food, favourite movie – her list of 40 showcases how it is the simple things that matter the most!

First Rays of Sun by Kavya Janani

Love can be really weird at times. But, if two souls are destined to be together, then that is it.” Kavya’s short story on love does not leave you short on emotions.

QLC 01: Marriages are made in… marriages! by Dhivya Balaji

In this society, there are only two relationship statuses. Married. Or Unmarried. And only one of those is acceptable. Read on as Dhivya explains the most common quarter life crisis – Marriage.


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