Picks of the Week 18/06/2017 to 26/06/2017

This week’s picks are by Poornima who blogs at Loud Thoughts Voiced Out 

How To Make Money With Blogging – Sindhu JP
An insight into the different aspects and factors that often help bloggers earn money and their drawbacks.


Corporatization Of Greed – Gils
Two sides of the current corporate situation expressed in a no-bullshit tone by Gils!


20 Years And Counting – Megha Sreeram
A trip down the Harry Potter memory lane with Megha Sreeram as we celebrate 20 years since the discovery of Hogwarts.


The Fatherhood Guilt – Nandini Chandrasekaran
How many mommy blogs have we read? “The guilt a mother feels when she’s not there with her child..” But how does a father feel? Read this blog to know!


Dialogue In The Dark – Experience Life Without Light – Shrinidhi Hande
A detailed review of Chennai’s experiential restaurant at Express Avenue!


Worthy Mentions:
So To Speak – Karthik

Psychology? – Ram N


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