Picks of the Week 16/09/2016 to 23/09/2016

The picks the week are here and this week it was picked by Rajathilagam who blogs at aratrikaspeaks… Read on

The post displays Onam celebration in Thrissur in all its glory.
Did you know that Netflix is available in India? Confused as to what to watch? Well here is a small list of really good shows on Netflix that you will not regret binge watching.
Crab Hunting by Roshni Selladurai
A moon lit beach, late at night. Sounds romantic right? Well it can be just pure chaotic fun as well. Join Roshni on her experience of crab hunting.
One day in New York City by Divya Narasimhan
How much sight seeing can you do in a huge city like New York? Well here is the lady who managed to squeeze quite a lot on her day in the big metropolitan city.
Generation of spoiled idiots by Muthusamy Ramaiah
In light of the Kaveri issue thats going on here is a very detailed post on what is happening to OUR Natural Resources.

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