Picks of the week – 16/07/2017 to 23/07/2017


This week’s picks are by Megha who blogs at Satan’s Minion 


Karthikeyan santhanam- A little more conversation

The Death of the lead singer of Linkin Park opened quite a few can of worms. Depression is one among them. When it clinches even the best of people, who had given hopes and happiness to millions out there, it had to be real.

VPR- ராஜனுக்கு ராஜன்! 

Vaali is a time-transcending lyricist. His versatility is adorable and yet at times astonishing. Here is a heartfelt post penned in praise of the legendary poet.

Poornima – THE PARENTS

Not everyone grows up to realise that parents are human too and that they can be flawed too. This post highlights that very fact and also is threadbare about the emotions involved.

Clement- It takes bravery…

Bravery is a subjective concept. It takes courage to do anything and everything, in this dynamic world.

Muthuswamy Ramaiah- Salt and Salt Merchants in Sangam Literature

Salt- one of the most underrated item in our palate and that which is taken for granted almost always. This post pretty much sums up how much salt means to us.

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