Picks of the Week – 13/08/2017 – 19/08/2017

This week’s picks are by Vid Dev who blogs at The Pensieve.

This post talks about elitism and hypocrisy in the books business. What really caught my eye was this line “Long gone are the time when the adage – Never judge the book by its cover made sense.”
2. The thin line of hope  by Ganesh Puttu
For a post that titles hope, this story talks more about human reality, presented beautifully as a conversation between an angel and a newer cherub.
3. Indian National Flag by Jothivel
A detailed post on the history of our national flag, an independence day special pick.
Though I swore to myself I wouldn’t pick one of the event posts, this had to be an exception.
In times when I see my colleagues obsessing over child care ‘gyaan’, this is a new take on parenting – figure it out just like we figure everything else out in our lives (that line is mine, though!).
I remember doing the “picks of the week” same time last year, with one of the admins grueling me to give the list soon. That said, it is a good experience to read a whole bunch of blogs varying in perspectives, genres, style and content at the same time. Hence I am glad I got an opportunity to pick the posts of this week.


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