Picks of the Week 12/11/2016 to 19/11/2016

The bachelor party by Krupa Kadir

For highlighting the struggles of married men balancing the mother and
wife sentiment, with humour and beer 🙂

To my atypical boyfriend… by Srilakshmi

Kaadal kaditham – palla vidham – ovu ondrum oru vidham — Honesty,
humour, sarcasm, frankness, smiles, tears and faith all rolled into
one, a good read!

Babloo by Kishor

A heartfelt prayer, we have all lost loved ones, this was an emotional
read. Remember the parable of the Rainbow Bridge we will meet our pets
there – someday!

Why do People Pray ? by Ravi Shankar

An intriguing post — I don’t have answers — but a reflective post.
Do you know why we pray??

Sexuality or the lack of it.  by Sharada

The title of the post is a bit perplexing but the content that follows
raises pertinent questions!

The Bold King, The Wise Minister And The Evil Citizens – Short fiction by Ganesh

Mixing deadpan humour with current politics to present a delightfully
funny tale of the Tughlaqian times that we live in!

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