Picks of the Week 06/08/2017 to 12/08/2017

The picks of the week is by Srilakshmi Indrasenan, who blogs at I am Stri.

Choosing six blog posts out of the plenty that were written in the past one week was not an easy task. Each post was unique and beautiful in its own way. However, here are my picks for this week that I would recommend you all to read.

Exploring Andamans – Monologue With Monsoon – Part 6:

Who wouldn’t love to read a good travelogue and dream about the next vacation? Kartik Kannan’s travelogue about his Andaman exploration will take you straight into the mystical islands. Don’t forget to check out the previous parts to this exquisite travel tale.

Reflections On Life And Parenting Over An Empty Nest

Children growing up and moving out of parents’ house is still an emotional affair in our country. In this blog, AVIS Viswanathan shares with us his experience and thoughts about how parents should support and be friendly with their children, all the more, during such times.

Writing A Short Story – Guest Post By Bragadeesh Prasanna

I am, personally, a big fan of Bragadeesh Prasanna’s short stories. No, this blog post is not a short story, but it’s an ultimate guide that you need to read if you are planning to write short stories. This blog post (guest-written by Bragadeesh on Shree Janani’s blog) has everything you need to know about writing a story.

Tale Of A Shark And Trolls

As most of us already know, a female journalist was recently trolled, abused, and cyber bullied by a set of netizens. Why? She posted a tweet comparing two movies that were bad in her opinion. In this blog post, Clement Williams talks about the movie in question and behavior of those ill-mannered netizens towards the journalist.

Movie Review: Vikram Vedha

Have you watched this movie? If not, watch it immediately. Yes, the movie is excellent, and Vikram Mn has analyzed and reviewed this movie in an even more interesting manner. This no-spoiler review will definitely make you watch the movie (again – if you have already watched it).

Ration Card Is Now Smart Ration Card

How to know the status of smart ration card? How to register the mobile number for ration card? How to apply for smart ration card for the existing card holders? Don’t we all have this query in our mind? Deepak Raghuraman answers to all these questions in this blog post.


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