Picks of the Week 05/12/2016 to 11/12/2016

Adapting to Demonetization and A Quest to Find Atm with Cash by Karthik Murali

Another take on demonetization almost after a month

Rainbow is the new black by Subhiksha

Enjoy the winter with colorful collection from colors and mirrors. Why should winter mean dull clothes all the time?

Syrian Christian Food Festival | Ente Keralam |Alwarpet by Priya Subramaniu

Heard of Kerala cuisine right? But here is a festival that celebrates Syrian Christian cuisine. Interesting in both history and variety

Taking Children to the Mountains by Nandhini Chandrasekaran

To all the new parents out there. Being overly protective is good. But lets not get ahead and not let the kid have any fun. Here is a post from a mother who is letting her kid enjoy his first trek

Mango Lassi Recipe by Gayathri

A simple recipr for a loved dish

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