Picks of the week – 03/09/2017 to 09/09/2017

This week’s picks are by Dhivya who blogs at Indian Hagrid 

Kumarakom: Not just Houseboats and Backwaters by Bhuvana Rajaram

This post about Kumarakom was beautifully written with pictures and captions that brought the place to the readers’ eyes. Special mention for the seasonal appeal of this post!

Eyes out: A rear window story By Karthik

“The moment we are on display, we also lose control over what the world makes of us.”

This post was thought provoking and written in a casual language that made me want to reread it again mainly because I found it very relatable. Sometimes, some words make us reflect and think. This post achieved that in its tone and context.

GoIbibo GoCash vicious trap. Be careful by Shrinidhi

This is a very informative post that focuses on one of those technically legal but still practically unworthy ‘credits and cash in wallets’ advertisements that seem to be the latest marketing gimmick in trend. This post is about one particular company but the inner logic is applicable to other such advertisements as well.

Tournai Notre Dame Cathedral (Wallonia – Belgium) by Bhushavali

This is a detailed article about one of my personal favorite places, a place steeped in history and is a central location of many of the fiction thrillers I have read. What made the post even more wonderful are the majestic pictures of the Notre Dame Cathedral that showed an artistic nuance.

The Horror that was 9/11 by Sowmya

How can the picks of the week be complete without this post about the terrorist act of 9/11. This is not actually this week’s post but still got a mention here for the beautiful words and the realistic way in which it was written.

“Any form of hatred or violence stems from resentment. Resentment from inequality, resentment from mistreatment – both real and perceived.”

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