Picks of the week 01/06/2017 to 15/06/2017

This week’s picks are by Raja Raman who blogs at Raja’s Short Stories 

The picks are,

Into the light by Karthik

An emotional short story with an unexpected ending.

Silent Struggles – Do Fathers too experience PostPartum Depression?

Rarely people talk about fathers and their emotions. This is one series which I love. And I loved this post as I could relate to this. A good read for fathers, to-be-fathers, mothers or for that matter anyone.

Uncharted territory

A beautiful piece of writing by Jenifer Sharmila, who bleed lot of emotions in this post.

Wonder Woman (2017) – Movie Review by Pratip Vijayakumar

The review was very detailed, explained why the movie had so much hype, the background, then the author’s viewpoints and the conclusion. The review was well written, both the content and the presentation was quite good.

Comedy/Sarcasm Tamizh ji…vaazhga ji by Vidhyashankar

A funny post that makes one understand how languages changes itself over a period of time. A quick and funny read that everyone can relate to.

Worthy mentions :

The Graduate – Poornima Bhaskar

You are my sunshine – By Stri

Loser – by Karthik

Saying NO and standing your ground –  by Aarti

The curious case of Mr. IIT – by Prason

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