Picks of the week –

Hello Everyone,

This week’s picks are by Saisriram who blogs at Random Ramblings 

On good books and good reviews – Review of Shikhandi and Other Tales They Don’t Tell You by Gopal

A review so mean that the author in me cried and the reviewer in me mellowed – Ananta Shesha Naga- Sanjeev K. Sharma by Megha

A heart warming post about the son of cbc s gun – LIFE LESSONS FROM THE LITTLE GUY by Gills

Been there, done that. But what matters is how the chronicwriter deals with it – The fart that wasn’t mine by Prason

A picture is indeed worth a dousan words. Or in this case a hundered thousand – Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines- city pictures by  Shrinidhi

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