Picks of the week – 31/07/2016 to 07/08/2016

Better late than never, right? Hope you all will excuse us for the delay in publishing this week’s picks of the week.

Moving on to the posts,

Madam Neenga by Ravishankar

A story which talks about a woman who don’t want to reveal her identity but the whole society wants to point finger at her for something right she has done. A simple short story yet effortlessly emphasizes the recent trends in the media business.

Connecting the Swamis by Gopinath Rajendran

Something on the line of fan theory which mostly never done for Indian Cinemas. Gopi beautifully connected the incidents of Minsara Kanavu with Kadal with respect to the characters portrayed by Tamil Cinemas’ ever favorite Aravind Swami. Must read for the movie buffs out there.

A story that you must read by Karthik Murali

Firstly, thanks to Karthik for bringing out this gem of a novel which is available for free. He truly convince to read this story and we definitely liked the finishing touch” Embrace life as it comes, appreciate every single thing that we have been blessed with and tackle any problem head on. Sometimes we lose. Sometimes we win . But never ever give up. Because life is all about living !!”

Woes of a drama queen by Raji

Do you think a person asking for help is dramatic? Ever befriended someone just out of sympathy? By getting comfortable with someone can break your heart? So busy for someone? Even for a cup of coffee? Ever ignored a call and realized that was the last attempt of that person who was calling? Yes/no/maybe?  Read the woes of a drama queen

A sensible haul by Sindhu JP

From street shopping to mall hopping this girl got some awesome dresses and jewelry at a nominal price. Do check this video before you go on a shopping  spree.

A special mention to Kishor and Pavithraa for their collaboration for a story called If only which also got featured in story mirror.

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