Picks of the week 26/3/2016 – 01/4/2016


Friday is here so is our picks of the week. From a restaurant review to a beautiful song to ponder about, here are the top picks  to gear up your weekend 🙂

Courtallam Border Rahmath Kadai by Vidhya Chandrasekaran

The restaurant was opened a while back with lots of expectations but so far receiving mixed reviews. To know what a true foodie thinks about the restaurant along with drool worthy pics, check out the post 🙂

Best Practices to be followed on #Twitter by Sathish Ganesh

Still figuring out how to master the art of Twitter? here you go. A useful post by an HR expert

The One Who Ignored by Gokoulane Ravi

One of the simple yet powerful posts we received for the ‘I struggled but overcame’ campaign. Totally worth the read.

10 different taxes on bloggers by Shrinidhi Hande

If you are well know to Adsense, affiliated marketing etc you must have been expecting this. A deep insight on the taxes that can be levied on bloggers. A must read for people who are new to this as well.

Nalam Vaazha Ennaalum by  Ravi

What a beautiful song! The author has beautifully described the lyrics, BGM and the camera angles. After reading this, you will listen to this song in a whole new perspective.

Hope you are liking the picks for this week. Have a great weekend ahead 🙂


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