Picks of the week – 23/04/2016 to 29/04/2016

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We are back again with exciting top blog posts of this week from The Chennai Bloggers.

Beyond Words by Megha Sreeram

We take so many things for granted. Families, like countries thrives on culture. Each family has its own unique culture to bond with each member of the family. This coffee induced musing of Megha could be one of the best reads you can come across this week.

Am Worried that youngsters will be deprived of Good books by Kavipriya Moorthy.

Giggles, the little big book store is in the news. The greedy conglomerate wants an old lady who had spent most of her life amid books, reading and recommending them to people who visit her to shut her bookshop down. Can a bibliophile let that happen. Kavipriya visits her and blog about her experience. A must read.

Changes I would like in Quora by Uma Muruganantham.

The social media websites which is fun and also informative is limited to Quora. It will be very hard for them to monitor all the questions asked by clueless people, something which Yahoo Answers were not able to handle. Here are some suggestions on what can be improved in Quora from a regular user.

Startup Funding Crisis and its adverse impact on Bloggers by Shrinidhi Hande.

One of the well researched and informative posts for the week. We saw lot of brands splurge on their marketing spend both online and offline. Everybody thought who had a website or blog can make money out of this. Three years down the line, is it the same case? What does it mean to the bloggers. Read on to know more.

I Refuse by Sharada Vijay.

How many times have we weighed others by some adjectives which just came to our mind to describe them? Have we ever wondered what was the effect those words had on them? When it comes to women, the lesser the said the better. Here is a poem from a normal young woman on what she feels of all the things she is being called.


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