Picks of the week 22/05/2016 – 27/05/2016

Happy Friday People!

Here is our weekly dose of some interesting posts from our CBC.

When Life gives you Lemons by Madhvi – A fun take on the famous proverb which asks you to make lemonade when life keeps throwing lemons. Well Madhvi says you can use those lemons to squirt in someone’s eyes also ­čśŤ

Love and long┬ádistance!┬áby Janani – A beautiful poem which anyone ever been in a long distance relationship can relate to ­čÖé

We Now Do Food Reviews by Sai – ┬áWe all have seen them or are one of them. ┬áTaking food pictures from various angles, from ambiance to parking facilities, from Zomato to blog post. A fun take on food reviews ­čśŤ

A decade of my blogging journey- SWOT Analysis┬áby Shrinidhi – A must read for new as well as experienced bloggers on how to thoroughly analyse your blog and work on improving it.

My top 5 healthy food alternatives at Chennai by Divya – ┬áCompilation of food joints which serves healthy, organic food in Chennai.

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