Picks of the week 19/3/2016 – 25/3/2016


Well the T:20 World Cup fever is at its peak. Wednesday night was one roller coaster ride for Team India and the fans.

A group of bloggers also got to dine at Etc Cafe as part of their Sea Food Special Event Launch. It was a great experience and the upcoming week will see some posts.

Our contest on “How I overcame my Struggle” closes on March 31. Publish your posts soon.

And without further ado, the picks for the week are:

Anchengo Fort by Minu Marie Mathew

Kerala is a treasure chest of exotic location. What is better than a local telling us what to do and where to go. An avid traveller, Minu takes us through Anchengo Fort and presents us with her account.

Some Coffee and a Story to go with it by Rajathilagam Velmurugan

There is something about Coffee and companionship, at least for the coffee lovers. Read this cute story and start off your day in a pleasant note.

Ya Mohideen Biryani and the curse of Vatha Kuzhambu by Vidhya Chandrasekaran

If you like what you do, you can make the most mundane events sound interesting. Here is a restaurant review, which will leave you in splits through the first paragraph itself. After reading the post, you will be confused whether you want to thank Vidhya or feel sorry for her.

Poetry – An Extinct Art by Sriram Acharya

The art of story telling through any form is getting a saturation point at this new age of internet. Sriram Acharya discusses about what he came across in the name of Poetry. Well! Few cant help but agree with him.

The Art of Forgiving by Megha Sreeram

Megha Sreeram makes it to pick of the week almost all the time. Read about the Art of Forgiving from her point of view.

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