Picks of the Week – 19/08/2016 to 26/08/2016

The Picks of the Week are here and this time we have a few recurring names.

Cherry Blossom Festival 2016 – Visit Japan In Sydney, Australia by Gayu Venkat

Cherry Blossom are those small pink flowers that tend to occupy most of the Japanese streets between the months of May and August. Gayathri shares her experience with these beautiful blossom in Australia.

Madrasapattinam, an Emblem of Cultural Heritage and Richness by T R Gowthama

There is always a story behind a name. Learn the history behind names of the area in Chennai with Gowthama.

My Dear Madras by Megha Sreeram

Celebrating the 377th birthday, Madras gets a special kind of birthday wishes from Megha.

Necessity is not the Mother of Invention by Bhavia Velayudhan

Bhavia is back after a hiatus and she has something to tell us about laziness.

Happy Birthday Captain! by Sai Sriram

This week, it was not just Chennai that celebrated its birthday but so did a celebrity. Catch this tribute for him by Sai Sriram.

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