Picks of the Week – 16/07/2016 – 22/07/2016

There are lots of stuff happening in The Chennai Bloggers Club. Firstly, we would like to congratulate our blogger and friend Mr. Somu Padmanaban on his new venture which he would be launching on July 25th. Woodooz.com started off as a blog sharing tips and tricks on DIY wood work. But Somu wanted to do something. He is now launching his online furniture portal. We wish him all the best. It truly feels like our own success.

So now going to the Picks of the Week.

It can happen anywhere by Ravi Shankar.

This is a Tamil story which deals with sexual harassment at work place and school. Written in a non-linear fashion, it will surely make you re-read to understand what just happened.

26 Underrated Hindi Songs of A.R.Rahman That You Must Definitely Listen by Kavya Janani.

So if you are listening to songs in you iPod and staring out of the window at the rain and the distant lightning playing laser show at the horizon, I bet this the post you want to read. Read is not the right word here. Listen.. Just compile these videos to a playlist and get lost in Rahmanism.

The Story of our lives by Kishor LN

How do you see your life? Do you like the way you lead your life? Is there something missing? Different people will have different answers to this. But here is the post which plays about the perspectives which we can alter now and then to pick ourselves up, smile at the mirror and carry on.

We now do Fashion Blogging too by Sai Sriram.

There is no doubt that fashion blogging is one of the toughest genre to pull off these days. Because of sheer number of bloggers who are ready to give advice on what to wear, how to paint the face and nails, guys usually feel left out. There is no OOTD for guys. So the doctor decided to take it up himself. Read on to know how to style the scrubs and overcoming the practical difficulties of carrying it out well for your unconscious patient and mobile photography which will make your mobile disappear in a minute’s time.

How to be a good writer by Prason Christopher Robin

His monthly blog hits is bigger than the lifetime hits of this website. Successful Humor Blogger and EmCee and trainer PRason Christopher Robin talks about what makes one a good story teller. This shall be a quick read, but believe us, you will think about it a lot over the weekend.

That’s all in the pick of the week section. But there is more.

Meera Shiva is a prolific writer, whose book “Between Now and Forever” is rocking the charts in romance category now, is conducting a workshop on Romance Writing this Sunday. Fill the form in contact us section to know how to attend and where to reach.

On July 24th, Sunday Our beloved member Sashidhar Sharma’s book Songs of Mist is launched in Odyssey Book Store Chennai. Most of the members of Chennai Bloggers Club will be there and if you want to know how we organize events and things, you can have a peek over there. RSVP here.

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