Picks of the week 16/04/2016 to 22/04/2016


Hope you all are managing the hot summer and heat waves. To make you cool and relaxed, here we are with the picks of the week 🙂

Let’s start with a fun cartoon Jus Kidding  by Meera . A witty conversation between a cat and a mouse will just perk up your friday 🙂

The beautiful feeling called ‘once loved’  explained  beautifully with a flash fiction and with  a Russian word Razbluito. Ever lost a spark you had for someone? Then you must read this post by Dhivya Balaji.

From facebook posts to newspaper articles, authors try every marketing stunt to make their book famous. Whereas author Kavipriya is emphasizing on the basics of marketing. Read more on her post M for marketing .

We all must have come across old couples who can’t live without each other yet argue most of the times. A cute post about one such couple combined with the personal experience of the author being a tenant  of a strict owner. At the end, all that matters is love by Vidhyashankar

From personal blogging it turned to niche blogging and now it is a world of influencers. When fellow bloggers are considered as rivals, Shreya came up with a straight from heart post An abundance of shreyas on why she blogs. The way how she describes her blog as a small house is not be missed by anyone.

Hope you all liked this week’s picks. Stay safe under the sun . Relax at home and keep blogging 🙂

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