Picks of the week (13/05/2016 – 20/05/2016)

Hello People,

Hope the rains brought some respite from the scorching heat for you all. It scared us a little bit, isn’t it? We have some exciting things going on in our Facebook Group. We are partnering with Ms. Kaarthika Santosh for her book launch tagged. The chain story competition in the blog cannot get more interesting. We have not included it in the pick of the week because we cannot fill the five slots with all the stories. We will compile this as soon as the competition is over.

Here are the picks of the week

Candy Crush by Rajathilagam Velmurugan

Many of us are averse of this game or addicted to this game. But to write a short story with candy crush as the theme is something different. Read on to read this cute story.

Concerns with Ola money for customers and drivers by Shrinidhi Hande

With technology playing its part with our daily commute and wallet apps like PayTM has become a way of our life, here are some of the concerns which you may want to be aware of. Shrinidhi has already become a regular in this section of our site.

Thamizh Mania by Megha Sreeram

Tamizh is such a beautiful language. We encourage our bloggers to blog in our native language as much as possible. Here is a wonderful post which tells about one of the verses in Kalithogai, which explains the choice of a woman. Go read and fall in love all over again.

Khane Mein Twist  by Asmita Madhusudhanan

Trust Asmita to give a nice twist to restaurant reviews. For all who rue that there is dearth of good vegetarian restaurants in Chennai, here is a brand new entry. If you are struck in office and are not able to eat with your mouth, eat with your eyes like the Turkish. Asmita wonderfully explains about the restaurant in this post.

A Life Lesson called First Love by Srilakshmi Indrasenan

If you have moved on from your relationship, read this. If you are not able to move on from your first love, read this. If you are in your early or mid twenties, read this. Read this beautiful piece by Srilakshmi Indrasenan which flows like a silky river and makes so much sense. Another buzzfeed author in making?

We will be meeting for the book launch for Tagged on Sunday May 29th, 2016. A well known kollywood celebrity will also join us in the celebration. The book launch will be held in The Odyssey Bookstore, Adyar. See you there.

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