Picks of the week – 12/02/2016-19/02/2016

What a week it had been for The Chennai Blogger Club. We announced a contest and urged our bloggers to write love letters and what we got was absolute gold. Here are the week’s picks. Have a fun filled Friday.

To You, From your Girl by Megha Sreeram

How many times have your girl friend addressed you as Honey bunch. This post is not just a curious beginning but one of the best letters. We believe it missed the prize in a fraction. But it is only fair to have it as pick of the week.

Dear You by Poornima

You can bet on this girl to make you rush for tissues. The words hit you hard and it will be impossible to drift away to your old memories. Have a read.

To the boy who is on his way by Nandhitha Hariharan

Do not complete me; Challenge me. We all would have had our fantasies about being a sapiosexual. When this girl’s thoughts take form of her words, it will simply blow you away.

Happy Valentine’s Day , Chandler Binggg by Shreya Sudesh

Well who doesn’t love this guy? But have we ever thought of wishing them on special days. Here is a post which does it. Have a read.

A Rose for a Rose by Chronic Writer

You don’t expect a love letter to have you in splits. You think so? You have to read this. Warning : Regional language usage throughout the post.

There are more exciting things lined up in The Chennai Bloggers Club. Stay tuned and watch this space.

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