Picks of the Week – 12/08/2016 to 19/08/2016

Here are the Picks of the Week. This is the third week with a guest judge!

Enge Eevadu by Gomathi Shankar

“Enge Eevadu” is a beautiful Tamil poem penned by Gomathi Shankar, which talks about the heart wrenching scenes of begging in India. The eye catcher was this line:
இரங்கும் இடம் வருமுன்
இறங்கும் இடம் வந்துவிடுகிறது.
இதில் எங்கே ஈவது?

‘Pasta Special’ at Spectra – The Leela, MRC Nagar by Muskaan Dutta

Muskaan Dutta talks in detail about the “Pasta Special” festival at the Leela Palace, with wholesome descriptions and drool-worthy pictures. Must check if you are a foodie.

Quantified Self: The unrelenting co-construction of gamified self by Sylvian Patrick

Quantified Self is a movement that encourages the idea of involving technology to track and acquire data on various aspects of the human body and daily life. Sylvian here talks in detail about how one, with the combined help of devices can help in constructing an ideal self.

Mehandi Designs for Legs and Feet by Sundari PnP

To all the girls, this is a must check! Beautiful designs of mehandi for various occasions. Sundari has also made specific observations and tips for various festive and functions.

School ku polamaa? – A visit to Eureka School at Kanchipuram by Deepak Raghuram

With vivid images, Deepak takes us on a joy ride as he recounts the day he visited the Eureka school in Kanchipuram.

Special mention:

Queen Elizabeth’s Wedding & Coronation outfits! by Bhushavali

Embarrassed – Braced – Embraced by Gokulane Ravi

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