Picks of the Week – 09/09/2016 to 16/09/2016

Hello CBC!

This week’s picks were picked by Pratip Vijayakumar who blogs at Realities around us. Here are his picks…

Where to Look out for Best thing in life by Gokulane Ravi
We aren’t good at everything and at this age and time everything is at the reach of our hand but on the other hand we are missing out something great. Gokulane has shared what he learnt?

Aug Moon fest at Stix by Asmita Madhu
Join with Asmita in her blog to discover What Stix restaurant in Chennai is all about and their special celebration menu for Chinese Harvest festival.

True Friends in the Name of Facebook Drama queens and Kings by Mahesh Iyer
Many people around us has fail to stay in reality but our Social Media presence has become our top priority. Mahesh clearly conveyed a message through his Poem.

The Roast of Iru Mugan by Sudarshan Ramamurthy
When a movie fails to impress you this will be outburst of mocking the whole movie with sarcasm.

Book Review: Mummy’s little Angel by Gayathri Lakshminarayanan
What would happen when you read a very gripping Psychological thriller novel? I would say this post is the outcome of that.

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