Picks of the Week – 08/07/2016 – 15/07/2016

Heylo All!!

We are back with picks of the week after a short break. Hopefully there will be a new blog posts featured in this space every week in coming days.

Now to the posts.

Journey to Princess of Himalayas – Rohtang Pass by Gowthama

With breathtaking pictures and awesome description, this blog post will encourage you to pack your bags now and head to Himalayas. What more, this is the perfect time of the year to reach there to enjoy the views. Read along

A Piece of (Peace off) Advice! by Rajathilagam Velmurugan

This is something we hear very often from people. “Oh! I always put him/her ahead of me. Look where I am now” Have you had this epiphany in recent days. This is an inspiring piece of writing which will help you set your priorities right.

Suicide Story Calling for Hope and Help by Umasree Raghunath

A beautiful Poem which tells us the trauma and darkness which wear people down, leading to the suicide. The person may die but their near and dear will be traumatized for life beating up themselves for not being any help. Do read this.

Freedom of the Film Industry is a Two Way Street by Lakshmi Venkatraman

The recent unfortunate events brought lot of ire to not only the police department but also the cinema industry in the state. As the script writers and directors dish out misogynistic movies one after the other here are some valid points brought in for discussion in this post.

Perils of booking air ticket too early by Shrinidhi Hande

We know what happens when we book tickets at the last moment. But what happens when you book too early. Trust Shrinidhi to come up with a 360 degree analysis of each and every scenario. If you are heading to buy tickets during airline promo, you must read this before going ahead and make informed decision

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Have a great weekend.

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