Picks of the Week – 05/08/2016 to 12/08/2016

Wohoo! This week we are on time with a good mix of picks from all the genre.

Paradise Briyani by Vidhya Chandrasekaran

For the Briyani lovers. Vidhya gives a mouth-watering review of a restaurant she visited. The beauty is the way she recommends the dishes as a friend would. Go ahead and give it a read and if you are in Perungudi, try it.

Kama Ayurveda Pure Rose Water Review by Lancy

A solid and concise review on a beauty product. Beauty blogs do require a certain flair for writing and this post shows it. Lancy gives us a beauty blog that shows the beauty in both the product and the way she reviews it.

Suicide Squad Verve by Shreya

Movie reviews are a tough thing when opinions fly left and right and it is easy to be swayed by fan frenzy. But Shreya in her review of the much-anticipated movie “Suicide Squad” gives her own review that stands apart from the general consensus. Read the review and watch the movie.

No bake desserts with chef Jacob by Asmita

A very laid-back post about a day in the workshop with a Chef. Asmita, who gives us wonderful recipes to try out, talks about her day at Chef Jacob’s workshop. Read and relish

National Book Lovers day by Bhuvana

A beautifully written posts on the perks of being a book reader. Bhuvana elucidates in a simple yet endearing way the joys of reading. Look out for the interesting links at the end of her post.

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