Picks of the Week – 02/09/2016 to 09/09/2016

Hello All,

Hope you are doing fine 🙂 This week’s picks are by Aishwarya who blogs at Girly Steps 

Read on and enjoy your weekend 🙂

Time for an Exorcise by Karthik 

Karthik’s post that talks about the current situation and clearly explains the difference between attraction and perversion is a well written one.

I miss you Vaapa by Meera

Meera’s blog post on her Hero- her Dad, though being a personal post will definitely resonate within folks who have lost their father and search solace in their memories. A heart touching one!
One day itineraries in Chennai by Bhushavali

Bushavali’s post here helps you figure out your one day travel destination in and around Namma Madras. It’s so beautifully coined that she proves how ardent a traveler she is!

I have to but i dont want to by Sruthi

Sruthi Raj’s post: ‘I have to, but I don’t want to’ speaks on the practicality of a full-time working person juggling work and home together. Her posts always have a touch of experience in it and I hope it would resonate with many!

To the guy I currently love by Sri 

Srilakshmi’s post is very simple but profound. Who will not want to talk about love!! And this is something anybody can relate to. A post that makes you realizes happiness lies on the smallest of things we do.

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