Pick of the Week – 01/04/2016 to 08/04/2016

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We are getting ready for yet another exciting event from CBC. We are hosting Author Sujata Rajpal for a QnA session in Odyssey Adyar on April 10th 5 PM to 7 PM. Be there if you are around.

And the picks of the week are

Dhaddhiyonnam ( Daddojanam) By Dhivya Balaji (Awesome Panda)

Have you ever tasted the tastiest curd rice in Tamil Temples? Have you ever wondered how you can recreate the magic. Dhivya helps you to do it. Go read the post and thank me later.

Euthanasia by Pavithraa Swaminathan

This is a touchy subject. There are few people who are masquerading on how it should be made legal. Have you thought about this? Read on.

Election Season  – Should Bloggers work for Political Parties by Shrinidhi Hande

This is a burning question. Should bloggers endorse political parties? How will it affect their readership? How is a being a brand influenzer and political influenzer are two different things? Lot of points to note and ponder upon.

What the system needs? by Sriram Acharya

Oh! Are you doing MA English? Are you trying to become a teacher. These days the study on humanities is ridiculed so much that it has almost become like a society bullying a student. Read on to know what can be done about this.

Veedu by Sylvian Patrick

Sylvian is coming up with a list of movies one should watch before they die. Veedu is a master piece by Late Mr. Balu Mahendra and it was analyzed with elan with some trivia in this post.

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