Love letters from CBC

It was Mundane Friday evening when Chennai Bloggers Club thought of giving a prompt to our bloggers. What followed was epic. We asked our bloggers to write a love letter to someone to whom they wish to pour their heart out. Only one rule is to maintain anonymity and not address the person in the letter. The competition started on Friday night and it will end at Tuesday night. But the blog posts made valentine’s day special for many. Here is the consolidated list to shoo away your Monday Morning Blues in office. Fall in love…. Once again.

Check out this space again in few days to see who won the contest and the posts that come inspired by the world’s best motivator “Last Minute Panic”


  • Sulaiman Sait

A Letter to my Twitter Crush

  • Kavipriya Moorthy

Love Letter!

  • Bragadeesh Prasanna

To the girl I don’t seem to recall

  • Srilakshmi Indrasenan

Hey You,

  • Megha Sreeram

To You, From Your Girl

  • Poornima

Dear You

  • Ambuja

Born again Love

  • Raji

To my beloved Darling

  • Aishwarya Swaminathan

Love Letter

  • Umasree Raghunath

Inspiration Everyday – Love

  • Nandhitha Hariharan


  • Susan Deborah –¬†First Prize – Romantic dinner for two

The Last Waltz

  • Mahesh Lakshmanan – Second Prize – Movie tickets for two.

I wove a rainbow for you

  • Dhivya Balaji

To You From Me…

  • Siva Subramanian

My Love Lyric that always Lingers

  • Shreya Sudesh

Listen you.

  • Gokoulane

Loveu Letter

  • Karthik PK


  • Kishor Lakshminarayanan

I’m waiting – A Love Letter

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