CBC meet up 2017

When I realized I was moving to Chennai post my wedding, I was a bit sad about leaving behind the bloggers gang in Bangalore, but also excited at the idea of meeting new people in Chennai. In fact I was very excited that I was going to be meeting up with my friend Sindhu, a fellow Chennai blogger, very often. This was until she broke my bubble and told me that she was moving out of Chennai. I thought to myself  “That’s it , I will now have no friends in Chennai”.

Luckily for me, Sindhu added me to the CBC group as soon as I moved here and I never thought I would get the chance to meet up with the gang so soon after moving here.

The CBC meet was held at Aegam Décor café, in Sholinganallur. Yes far away from most people, but the ambience definitely compensates for that. We were all greeted by cool lemonade and warm welcomes from Mahesh (Who recognized me instantly though he has never met me). After some catching up and informal introductions we sat in the garden to get to business. Well it wasn’t really formal at all actually. We had a round of proper introductions, interspersed by a lot of jokes, and the wide variety of bloggers just left me stunned. From IIT professors, to bird lovers, and to people who conduct photowalks, the Chennai Bloggers Club really seems to have covered all grounds. It was so refreshing to meet up with people who are there just for the joy of writing.

Once the introductions were done (and Gopal’s leg had been amply pulled) we had the prize distribution for the Love Themed writing contest that was held sometime ago. After this we moved inside to chill in the AC and amidst the beautiful singers in the group who enthralled us with their songs.

Last but not in anyway the least, about Aegam Café, well it speaks for itself. That’s for sure. White walls, aesthetically placed décor pieces that in reality have no connection with each other except for the fact that they are curated by a person of impeccable taste. It was a lovely place to have the meet up and get to know more people over a cup of coffee. Now I feel at home here in Chennai. Thank you guys for the amazing time.


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