Picks of the Week 23/09/2016 to 30/09/2016

This week's picks were chosen by Poornima Baskar. Read on... Confidence with a bodycon dress by Neena Kumar How often have you struggled with finding a dress that clings without making you feel uncomfortable? Wouldn’t it be nice, for once, to flaunt those curves without worrying about the flags? Read on to

Picks of the Week 16/09/2016 to 23/09/2016

The picks the week are here and this week it was picked by Rajathilagam who blogs at aratrikaspeaks... Read on Kummatti Kali & Puli Kali in KizhakkumPatra & Thrissur to mark Onam Celebration by Srivatsan Sankaran The post displays Onam celebration in Thrissur in all its glory. My Netflix TV Show Recommendations by Shameem

Picks of the Week – 09/09/2016 to 16/09/2016

Hello CBC! This week's picks were picked by Pratip Vijayakumar who blogs at Realities around us. Here are his picks... Where to Look out for Best thing in life by Gokulane Ravi We aren’t good at everything and at this age and time everything is at the reach of our hand but on

Picks of the Week – 02/09/2016 to 09/09/2016

Hello All, Hope you are doing fine :) This week's picks are by Aishwarya who blogs at Girly Steps  Read on and enjoy your weekend :) Time for an Exorcise by Karthik  Karthik's post that talks about the current situation and clearly explains the difference between attraction and perversion is a well written one. I miss

Picks of the Week – 26/08/2016 to 02/09/2016

The Picks of the Week for this week are here. The Thinking Tales - His Thoughts by Gayathri Baskaran Gayathri Baskaran tries to delve deep into the male psyche when a man is on the cusp of falling for a girl. A little story that tries to dare and show men as complex

Picks of the Week – 19/08/2016 to 26/08/2016

The Picks of the Week are here and this time we have a few recurring names. Cherry Blossom Festival 2016 - Visit Japan In Sydney, Australia by Gayu Venkat Cherry Blossom are those small pink flowers that tend to occupy most of the Japanese streets between the months of May and August. Gayathri shares

Picks of the Week – 12/08/2016 to 19/08/2016

Here are the Picks of the Week. This is the third week with a guest judge! Enge Eevadu by Gomathi Shankar “Enge Eevadu” is a beautiful Tamil poem penned by Gomathi Shankar, which talks about the heart wrenching scenes of begging in India. The eye catcher was this line: இரங்கும் இடம் வருமுன் இறங்கும் இடம்

Picks of the Week – 05/08/2016 to 12/08/2016

Wohoo! This week we are on time with a good mix of picks from all the genre. Paradise Briyani by Vidhya Chandrasekaran For the Briyani lovers. Vidhya gives a mouth-watering review of a restaurant she visited. The beauty is the way she recommends the dishes as a friend would. Go ahead and

Picks of the week – 31/07/2016 to 07/08/2016

Better late than never, right? Hope you all will excuse us for the delay in publishing this week's picks of the week. Moving on to the posts, Madam Neenga by Ravishankar A story which talks about a woman who don't want to reveal her identity but the whole society wants to point finger