Picks of the Week 17/09/17 – 23/09/17

Hello, This week's picks are by Vishnu Priya who blogs at HashtagVPRswag 1. Notes from the past me - Dhivya Balaji Happiness lies within you and the post highlights this fact. It makes one feel nostalgic about their lost childhood diaries. 2. Must listen tracks of AR Rahman for beginners - Kavya Janani Choice of

Picks of the week 10/09/2017 – 16/09/2017

This week's picks are by Mahesh who blogs at Teerthadanam The difference by Poornima Always a pleasure to read Poornima's writing, all set for book launch as well. All the very best. In the little things by Dhivya Emotional and heartfelt. We can do no great things, only small things with great care. A

Picks of the week – 03/09/2017 to 09/09/2017

This week's picks are by Dhivya who blogs at Indian Hagrid  Kumarakom: Not just Houseboats and Backwaters by Bhuvana Rajaram This post about Kumarakom was beautifully written with pictures and captions that brought the place to the readers' eyes. Special mention for the seasonal appeal of this post! Eyes out: A rear window

Picks of the week 27/08/2017 to 2/09/2017

This weeks picks are by Pratip who blogs at Realities around us Yours Anonymously by Gokoulane When Sarahah meets blog. This man replied to the comments/feedback received through Sarahah in a style. It is both heartwarming and funny to read. Push vs Pull by Prason Our everyday trouble of differentiating between Push

Picks of the Week – 20/08/2017 to 26/08/2017

Hello Everyone, This week's picks are by Gayathri who blogs at Musings over Nothing Anatomy of an alapparai This post had me laughing. That is reason enough to be on the picks of the week. And am sure the author is not alone in his food court nightmares. “I like You, & I don’t

Picks of the Week – 13/08/2017 – 19/08/2017

This week's picks are by Vid Dev who blogs at The Pensieve. 1. Of Reading Books and Elitist Behavior by Shree Janani This post talks about elitism and hypocrisy in the books business. What really caught my eye was this line "Long gone are the time when the adage – Never judge the book

Picks of the Week 06/08/2017 to 12/08/2017

The picks of the week is by Srilakshmi Indrasenan, who blogs at I am Stri. Choosing six blog posts out of the plenty that were written in the past one week was not an easy task. Each post was unique and beautiful in its own way. However, here are my picks

Picks of the week 30/07/2017 to 05/08/2017

The picks of the week is done by Gopalakrishnan Krishnasamy who blogs at satirestall and movieherald Trip to remember  Gokoulane's travel series on Trekking Sar Pass is intriguing and gives you an experience to savour. Of Opinions & Indecisions, Fictions & Fables Madhvi Kumar's post on opinions, indecisions, fiction and fable is a must read. In

Picks of the week 23/07/2017 to 29/07/2017

Hello Everyone! This week's picks are by Gokoulane who blogs at Inspired By Inspirations Around Me Pictures and prompts by Dhivya Balaji We always laugh at memes, find them entertaining, but this shows the other side of the same, the one being laughed at. And, also a lesson that great things can be

Picks of the week – 16/07/2017 to 23/07/2017

Hello, This week's picks are by Megha who blogs at Satan's Minion    Karthikeyan santhanam- A little more conversation The Death of the lead singer of Linkin Park opened quite a few can of worms. Depression is one among them. When it clinches even the best of people, who had given hopes and happiness to