On a drunken night, Ravi, Amar, Karan, and Jay rant about why they are single since birth and what’s wrong with them. When the discussion goes deeper, they realize that they are not the only ones who feel the same way. When they realize more than half of their town is filled with single guys and all the girls are either committed or married, they realize that something is happening on a bigger scale. When they set out to solve the mystery, they come to know there’s so much at stake than they had imagined.

About the author


Karthik is a trained biotechnologist by education, a technical writer by profession; he is avid photographer, movie-buff and intrepid traveller. He has written and self-published one novella and an anthology of short stories. He is known to be the ‘go-to resource guide’ for finding the best briyanis in Chennai.

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