Make it Two by Sharada Vijay


Karthik is your typical desi guy returning from the US. He arrives in Chennai after an eight-year stint in the US. One of his goals as he lands in India is to find an Indian woman to get married to. But little did he know that he would meet someone the very next day after his arrival.

Karthik meets Sujitha in the weirdest of circumstances. Her car breaks down at 11 in the night and she struggles to find help and our hero Karthik stops his car seeing her by the road side. She is instantly attracted to his charm but her ego curtailsthat away. Karthik gets pangs in his heart by the sight of her. She reminds him of someone he was in love with before he left for the US. Karthik and Sujitha get along well as friends and eventually, they fall for each other. He wants to take it forward but then Priya, his long lost love keeps popping in his head. Karthik is torn between these two women. Priya was the reason he didn’t return to Chennai for eight years. Just when Karthik decides to go ahead with Sujitha, he meets Priya in the strangest of the situations. What happens next?

About the Author

11205617_927848267280739_282600462894835483_nSharada is not your typical Indian new-age novelist aiming to create a next sweet love story. She is a fighter in letter and spirit and takes the reader on a fascinating overdrive of conflicting emotions in her first book, Make it 2. Sharada is a popular blogger and this novel was born on her blog. Writing has been a passion to her ever since her college days. She found freedom in expressing her thoughts through words. Her Tiny Tales series is quite popular on social media. Sharada is known to live life according to her own rules and she wears her soul by her sleeve.

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