How many years did you have to wait to find true love? Avanthika, a love-one-guy-all-through-life kind of girl, didn’t have to wait too long. She met Gautham right at the age of ten and fell in love with him at the first sight itself. However, Gautham, who was love-a-girl-sincerely-then-move-on-to-the-next-and-start-being-sincere-all-over-again kind of guy, proposes Avanthika’s good looking close friend, at the age of sixteen, before Avanthika’s proposal could reach him. But before she could digest this, he breaks up with her and proposes Avanthika. This poles-apart and not-so-sure-of-anything couple falls into a relationship.

Will they retain the love till they become adults? Can maturity kill their puppy love? Will they move apart with the tide of time?
A story of how a puppy love transforms into a strong relationship as it collects maturity in its journey with time.

About the Author
71ymi-u1sl-_ux250_Ganga has two award winning short films to her credit.
She has published two novels titled ‘Just you, me and a secret’ and ‘A Minute to death’. She has published an ebook titled’60 Writing Prompts and Plots with a twist’.
She was awarded the ‘BEST URBAN CHENNAI BLOGGER’ by Echovme and Urban Tree.Her blog was shortlisted and was among top 5 PR and marketing blog in the UK BLOG Awards 2015.¬†She works with an MNC as an IT developer, makes short films for fun, and blogs at Scribbledbygb.
A Simple girl with complicated dreams.
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