Ganga Bharani

Ganga has two award winning short films to her credit.
She has published two novels titled ‘Just you, me and a secret’ and ‘A Minute to death’. She has published an ebook titled’60 Writing Prompts and Plots with a twist’.
She was awarded the ‘BEST URBAN CHENNAI BLOGGER’ by Echovme and Urban Tree.Her blog was shortlisted and was among top 5 PR and marketing blog in the UK BLOG Awards 2015. She works with an MNC as an IT developer, makes short films for fun, and blogs at
A Simple girl with complicated dreams


1. Just you, me and a secret: 


“Who the hell do I reflect in the mirror? Where am I? First of all, who am I?”

Meera wakes up after a terrible accident with no memory to herself. She sees a stranger in the mirror and seems to be living with another stranger, Ashruth.

Before she gets used to responding when she is addressed ‘Meera’, Ashruth dumps her with a story that he says is her past. He claims that they were so much in love with each other and that they were engaged.
Armed with what seems to be her personal diary, Meera tries to grasp her identity and her reality. But no matter how hard she tries, she just seems to be unable to connect.
Will Meera ever regain her memory?
Will she fall in love with him the same way?
Or, wait, is he lying to her?
What makes her fall in love with Santhosh, her cousin?
Will she choose to stay and battle this through or will she run away to start a life afresh?
2. A Minute to Death:

amtdAvanthika was found dead in her apartment. Rohan’s vote was for Murder. Riya’s vote was for Suicide.

They quiz Avanthika’s friend Deepthi as the call history of the victim says she was in a call with Deepthi a few hours before she hung herself.
Deepthi reveals the cat fight between Avanthika and Jenny. She also opens up about the task Jenny was asked to do the next day by Avanthika. What was the bet? How is it related to Avanthika’s death?
Jenny tells them something that adds a new twist to the tale. What did Jenny tell them? Was it a suicide or a murder?
3. 60 Writing Prompts and Plots:
60_33As writers, we all want to tell stories and keep the readers engaged. In this book you will find 60 prompts. This is not like the other prompt books that you find in the market where they just list one liners as a prompt. In this book you will be given prompts or plots and ways to develop them into various genres. These prompts will not just create a spark in you to create your own story but also guide you to twist and turn them into a story you will be comfortable writing.