Encircled and other short stories by Aryan Sarath


This is a collection of short stories mostly revolving around the theme of LOVE.

About the Author

MeSarath is born & raised in Chennai. His grandfather is a Malayali & Granny,a Telugite. He had spent 8 years in Bengaluru & feels proud about having the mix of all 4 South Indian states in his blood.

An MBA & MCA Graduate and a Fellow Member of United Writers Assiciation of India, Sarath has worked in various fields including Software,BPO,Insurance & Journalism before he settled as a freelance social media promoter.

The author has won few prizes including the second prize from the US Consulate for his blog post & been reviewing books and gadgets for the past 4 years. He has many hobbies including philately,numismatics,scale model cars,pens,watches, autographs & posters to name a few. He is a TedX Mylapore Awardee too.His most prized possession is the congratulatory letter he got from then President of India Bharat Ratna Shri APJ Abdul Kalam.

He is been writing stories & poems since his childhood. Encircled & Other Stories is his first ever eBook though one of his other story is to be published anytime by Indua’s leading author Mr Ashwin Sanghi.