The road to redemption is the one less taken.  But when one decides to take the road, it is with this gumption and faith – “Come what may, I will face it because at the end of the road is my peace!”
Hotshot California-based businessman, Abhimanyu Singh is responsible for the death of his pregnant girlfriend, Samantha Sen – an attractive Los Angeles – based attorney, in an unfortunate car crash. He walks out alive, a shattered man, realising he will never be the same again.
Wanting to find redemption and himself, he leaves for Darjeeling, India. He meets the beautiful and independent Megha, who’s fighting her own battles. They are attracted to each other instantaneously! Will Abhimanyu and Megha find it in them to surmount adversities? Will they find faith and courage to believe, love and live again? Will Abhimanyu find the redemption he seeks on the road between now and forever?

About the author

1363666588Meera Shivashankar, a romance writer, teacher, mother of two, says life’s great blessing is love and it is the journey that matters, not the destination. Writing romances is what she does best and believes it is undeniably and immensely gratifying bringing to life the stories with ‘happily ever after.’ She loves to weave and create romantic plots where the hero and heroine continuously bump into each other and are drawn to each other inexorably and unknowingly by the magnetic pull of love. She is now moving into realistic romance, where hero and heroine are aware of what they are getting into keeping in mind the present day relationships and ethos. Exotic settings, emotion and passion are essentially her USP.
Having been a psychologist and then an author, with three published books, she believes she has discovered herself and come far through writing.

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