How lucky are you? Or how unlucky are you? While we meet people on a day-to-day basis, very few are lucky to personal stories of people that are tragic, yet, powerful. Stories that peek into very personal aspects of real people’s lives. Stories that make us feel that we, the aam admi, are very lucky.

10 Patients, by Dr. Wasim is one such book. Powerful, compelling, short stories of people who have been trampled upon, beaten down, pushed to the corner, by humans, bad luck and every thing else, but they chose to fight on and live a positive life against all odds. From a man who wanted to change his sexuality, to a sexual worker who found love, from
a couple who are reunited at the fag end of their lives to a child who was almost aborted, these ten stories will evoke emotions like sadness and anger initially, but will end up making you feel happy and give you the courage to fight life! This book is about celebrating the human spirit.

About the Author

Profile (1 of 1) (1)Dr. Wasim Mohideen is a Chennai based Preventive and Wellness Medicine Specialist with a flair for writing. He started his love for writing with, one of the oldest and finest food blogs in India. He also blogs about wellness at and has written wellness articles in reputed national and local dailies and magazines like The Hindu, The New Indian Express, SIFY HEALTH, The Mehendi, pens his thoughts occasionally at Medium and has been featured in Deccan Chronicle and The RITZ magazine.

You can buy his book here.