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Hello Everyone, This week's picks are by Saisriram who blogs at Random Ramblings  On good books and good reviews - Review of Shikhandi and Other Tales They Don't Tell You by Gopal A review so mean that the author in me cried and the reviewer in me mellowed - Ananta Shesha Naga- Sanjeev K. Sharma by

This week's posts were chosen by Vidhyasankar Ravindran who blogs at supershanki Overcoming Darkness – Dialogues in Dark : An Experential Activity by Karthik Murali - An heartfelt review that explores lot more senses than mere taste If there isn’t any Plan, Knit one then & there by Madhvi - As much as

Picks of the week 27/06/2017 to 03/07/2017

This week's picks are by Karthik who blogs at bottle mind. Fatherhood of guilt : as I gear up myself for the big marriage, the guilt is something that I've always contemplated. What if I end up being that kind of a dad who never has time for the family. The post

Picks of the Week 18/06/2017 to 26/06/2017

This week's picks are by Poornima who blogs at Loud Thoughts Voiced Out  How To Make Money With Blogging - Sindhu JP An insight into the different aspects and factors that often help bloggers earn money and their drawbacks.   Corporatization Of Greed - Gils Two sides of the current corporate situation expressed in a

Picks of the week 01/06/2017 to 15/06/2017

This week's picks are by Raja Raman who blogs at Raja's Short Stories  The picks are, Into the light by Karthik An emotional short story with an unexpected ending. Silent Struggles – Do Fathers too experience PostPartum Depression? Rarely people talk about fathers and their emotions. This is one series which I love. And I

CBC meet up 2017

When I realized I was moving to Chennai post my wedding, I was a bit sad about leaving behind the bloggers gang in Bangalore, but also excited at the idea of meeting new people in Chennai. In fact I was very excited that I was going to be meeting up