About CBC

What started as a small blogging community of some 15 odd bloggers is now The Chennai Bloggers Club (CBC) with 320+ active bloggers as its members. CBC acts as a blog aggregator that helps bloggers at various levels. Blog Tags, Chain Stories, and Collaborative Blogging are some of the blogger oriented activities that had immense participation from the bloggers in the past. CBC primarily consists of bloggers based out in Chennai. However, some of the bloggers do blog from various parts of the world.

The community consists of bloggers who write on a wide variety of topics ranging from music, cinema, food, travel, technology, literature, politics, poetry and creative fiction. At CBC, bloggers not only share their blog posts with the group, but they share expertise in their areas of specialization and help each other to grow as a blogging professional.

As blogging has a wider and more target audience reach, more and more brands prefer bloggers as their social media promoters. The culture of using blogs for promotions has been increasing in the recent times in the Chennai circle. Currently, CBC is collaborating with various brands to conduct events, spotlights, and blog tours.

Many Chennai based authors are also a part of CBC; most of these authors had their first novel written as blog books. These blogger turned authors have been part of CBC since its naissance. Apart from authors, some of the bloggers are even professional and freelance editors and publishers. CBC has also seen the growth of some of the bloggers transitioning into entrepreneurs following their passion.

Not restricting with just the social media, the bloggers even meet frequently for photo walks, food walks, etc. Apart from the various events where the bloggers represent CBC, they also have frequent casual meets as CBC is more than just a blogging community: it is one huge family.

With the exception of all these, CBC as a community motivates its members to blog frequently and to take up blogging as a serious hobby.