A visit to Swarnabhoomi academy of music by Chennai Bloggers

The scorching heat at 1pm suddenly felt gentle when we entered in to the Swarnabhoomi academy of music.

Swarnabhoomi academy of music ( SAM)

Swarnabhoomi academy of music ( SAM) was located on ECR far way from the bustling city of Chennai. A group of bloggers from the Chennai Bloggers Club were invited for a visit and it was certainly more of an experience than a visit.

SAM muisc school

We were amazed to see so many foreign students of different nations wandering around and discussing one common language, music. When we were expecting some food for our ears, the coordinator of Swarnabhoomi academy of music Ms. Diane made sure that we get food for our mouth first.

Yes, the first place we visited was the well maintained canteen. It was fun to see students of different nations enjoying our sambar , rasam and of course discuss music.

After the lunch, we were given a campus tour by Diane. Everything about the Swarnabhoomi academy of music was simple yet sophisticated. The fully air conditioned, fully Wi-Fi enabled SAM music facility has 10 large ensemble rooms, 8 individual practice rooms, 5 drum practice rooms and labs, 12 private lesson studios for guitar, bass, Indian percussion and voice, 4 guitar labs, 3 piano labs, 1 percussion lab, 1 voice lab, a large recital hall, a medium large recital hall, an amphitheater, a roof top performance space, a recording room linked to a recital hall and an ensemble room to record performances and rehearsals, a large library equipped with several hundred books and instructional DVDs, a media center, a large dining facility and more.

Piano lab at Swarnabhoomi academy of music

Drums practise room at SAM


Later we were given an opportunity to attend the class of Dr. S. Karthick, one of the most recognizable ghatam artists in the world today. It was an interactive teaching session where he made all the students to sing along with him. The carnatic music enthusiasts from our bloggers group thoroughly enjoyed the session. We just wished all the educational institutes should come up with such practical way of teaching.

Dr. S. Karthik Swarnabhoomi academy of music

After the class, there was a coffee break and we were noticing that the students were really excited for the next event.  It was an interactive session with L Shankar, an Indian-born American violinist, singer and composer. Apart from his musical experience, he gave away many life lessons to the students. He advised how negativity should not affects ones work and how one should not comment on other’s work unless asked for.  He emphasized the importance of multi tasking and how one should be ready to perform anytime without the need for rehearsal. He amazed the students by saying he never practiced before his contests.

L Shankar at Swarnabhoomi academy of music

There was a musical concert after the session with L Shankar. As we have to travel a long way back to the city, we just listened to the first performance. Of course we yearned listening to the full concert.

SAM concert

Speaking of the distance from the city, all students and faculty receive accommodation in a modern apartment complex, just a 5 minute walk from SAM.

SAM campus

Serene environment, excellent faculties from around the globe, good food with accommodation – Swarnabhoomi academy of music is not a music school but a retreat for those who want to learn music.

Swarnabhoomi academy of music

Check out the courses offered and the fee structure at the SAM website

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