Daily Archives: April 15, 2016

After the successful event with Sujata Rajpal in association with Odyssey, here we are with picks of the week. Albatross by Padhmavathy Neelamegan  – A wake up call everyone who take their parents for granted. The value of certain things is not realized until lost which is explained by series of […]

Picks of the Week – 09/04/2016 to 15/04/2016

Team CBC is on a roll. We had the pleasure of hosting Sujata Rajpal at Odyssey Adayar. She participated in a discussion with novelist Sharada Subramanian on domestic abuse. The event was well attended (we would still like more CBC-ians in Chennai to show up, please!) The evening started well, […]

Sense and Sensibility – Making Sense of Domestic Abuse.