This week’s posts were chosen by Vidhyasankar Ravindran who blogs at supershanki

Overcoming Darkness – Dialogues in Dark : An Experential Activity by Karthik Murali – An heartfelt review that explores lot more senses than mere taste

If there isn’t any Plan, Knit one then & there by Madhvi – As much as the pretty pics that has been posted on the blog, the words painted lot more and makes a good reference reckoner for anyone wanting to make a Vaalparai trip

889. Weird things I did as a child by Prason – I read the post with the running count of his blog as “889 weird things”. Considering PCR, the count would still be less is my guess 😀

Radio Silence by Gayathri Baskaran – Well, we would want to hear the radio loud and clear and what better way than to make the author tune into, than nomination for the week 🙂

The Incident by Sai Sriram – “aduthavangalukuna thakkali chutney his own na blood” moment experienced by doctor saar making it a must include

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